Re: Creating my own personal Linux distribution for Penetration Testing and White-Hat Hacking


Sorry to double post, but I thought that maybe my previous message
didn't get through the mailing list system...

Since it has been quite a while since I last posted, and I haven't
gotten any replies or comments, either on my gmail
account or on my blog, I have decided to write this reply.

Please have a look at my Linux distribution, which can be gotten via
this download link:
Or via my ephemeral blog:

I plan on making my Linux distribution the best DVD based security
orientated Linux distribution available. The version listed above (and
on my blog) is the CD version. I have had a look at the tools other
security distributions have included in there distributions, and am
trying to surpass them, by including all the tools (without voiding
copyright) of each security distribution that I have found helpful.
Also to be included in the DVD version are tools and features
suggested to me by this mailing list (and a few forums). For more
information on what I will include in my next release, have a look at
my ephemeral blog.

I would also like to thank you for all help so far given, and I can
only hope that you continue to help me out with this distribution, and
that you personally will both enjoy my distribution and find my
distribution constructive to your area of expertise.

Please continue to give me advice/suggestions for my distribution.

Thanks in advance,

Chip D. Panarchy

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