Re: Looking for help against Chinese Hacking Team

Few hundred dollars is not going to get you far...

Instead of blowing the cash on pen-testing, and one-size-fits-all
(because vendor told me) security software; how about you get your
systems administrator to audit your web server log files and trace the
vulnerability that way.

Again: Get your awesome systems administrator to look through log
files, to identify which files are vulnerable (something he or she
should have been doing in the first place).

These links may help:

Also, this sounds like an SQL worm prorogation, not a targeted attack
which I understood from your email.


On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 11:59 AM, harveyfrank <joet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We've been battling the Chinese for several months now and have gone through
several waves of US security experts who have failed to stop them. In their
defense, we are not on an unlimited budget and they've gotten us to a point
where it looks as though somewhere among the site's 400 scripts is a SQL
injection vulnerability.

Automated testing by a few pen test products seems to think we're fine. We
definitely are not.

Is it possible to hire a CEH to find the Chinese-discovered vulnerability
for a few hundred dollars? (We aren't just being cheap, we've blown our wad
on security that hasn't worked.) Would someone with intimate knowledge of
the latest wave of Chinese attacks be required for this job? Besides our
first rate security team that's just been beat, I've tried the $200 pen test
folks and they have all failed. Microsoft security help has also failed.

Advice (Besides porting to Linux)? Help?
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