Re: Dangerous in using nmap for AS/400 730 machine configured with 3 ASPs?

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Brahnda A. Eleazar wrote:
Peace all,

I am wondering whether this is related or not.
I was in the middle of beginning a pentest activity for a network segment containing quite a number of AS400 (Production).
I started with a simple nmap first to see what I am facing.
My command was (IPs are masked) "nmap -sV -vv -p 8470-8476 -o firsttry_port.nmap"
This lasted for about 15 minutes.

After about 2 hours later, 2 out of 50+ identifiable machines started having problems.
They became very slow.
Those two machines are using ASP (Auxiliary Storage Pools), 1 ASP on the 1st machine and 2 ASPs on the 2nd.

I just want to get more information whether my nmap did anything "bad"? :)

Thanks and Regards,

Most likely you hosed the IP stack. I wrote a question about this a few
months ago before I started testing a net with a couple of AS/400s. I
took out both boxes. I had forewarned the client that this was a good
possibility, and they were prepared.

Try to reboot the boxes. It worked for me.

If that does not work, you may have killed the NICs or BIOS/firmware. I
have seen that happen before on other non-PC equipment (security, HVAC,
etc.), but not AS/400s, but it is a possibility.

Lots of luck!

Please let us all know what you find.

Jon Kibler
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