Re: Extreme Networks password hash


I do recognize the hash but cant point out which it is..
However, you could try john the ripper against it, in most cases JTR
tells you what hash is used.

// Good luck, RG

2008/4/17, Alexander Sandström Krantz A
I'm interested in finding out what kind of hash Extremeware (v 7.7) uses to
encrypt user passwords. The reason is that I'm trying to find out how to
perform a (dictionary or bruteforce) password attack against an Extreme
Networks switch. I could use Medusa or THC-Hydra to perform a remote attack,
but I would like to avoid it if it's not necessary because of the performance

I've read through the documentation provided by Extreme, but found nothing. I
know that to set up the admin account with an empty password, and create an
account "user", also with an empty password, the following configuration is

configure account admin encrypted
create account user "user" encrypted "yN/tVo$ARBcY8KlQBq.lvJg2nc5F."

As these commands contain different hashes, even though both users are given
emtpy passwords, I guess the hash is salted. From the length I also guess that
it's SHA224, but that is a complete guess as I really have no idea.

Does anyone know about the kind of hash used, or recognize the ones in the
configuration? If you do, would you happen to know any tool that can perform
an attack against this kind of hash?



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