Re: anonymous Zonetransfer (AXFR) exploatation

I never heard of laws that forbids you to get DNS content from a server. Maybe I am late with the news, but
as long as it is only an information disclosure it shouldnt be less legal than a port scan.

But back to the topic I successfully extracted information using AXFR and I am thinking of a poisoning,
but again there is a lack of good documentation on this areas or maybe lack of interest.

I have found this as a good reading about AXFR and poisoning

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Ok, ok, so i used the verb in the wrong way :).
I was just amazed at "should be considered". I myself still try it from
time to time, but in this part of the world (yeah, i know Romania has a
bad reputation) it seldom works.
So, let's stick to the matter at hand: i agree, it should be part of a
standard pen-test if there are no specific laws against using it even in
test conditions.

Radu Oprisan

Jason Thompson wrote:
Were? I still do them and find axfr's allowed... not a lot, but for
the 10 seconds it takes to check there's been a few times where I've
downloaded an AD domains' worth of hosts. Even just getting a list of
hosts with a few interesting CNAME entries can give you a few
potential targets or point to domains you weren't previously aware of.


On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 11:09 AM, Radu Oprisan <radu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

LordDoskias wrote:
> The best thing that I can think if to use the information obtained
> from the zone transfer. Perhaps some "private" hosts will come up that
> you can look into? To my mind AXFR transfers should be considered as
> part of the reconnaissance stage of a pen-test.

Actually, they were, a long time ago.

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