Re: Pentesting tool - Commercial

On Tue, 26 Feb 2008, Andre Gironda wrote:

Core Impact is fine, but what about the other 400 exploits packaged
with CANVAS, Gleg/Argeniss, and Metasploit? I haven't even included
the CANVAS sharing alliance or D2 pack statistics, which I don't
really have readily available. Core Impact barely has 200 exploits
all by itself.

Core is currently at 463 modules with 661 exploit target entry points. But your point about other applications to look at is valid, especially Canvas. Metasploit is great when you want to play with the code guts etc but if you require spiffy reports it is not the app's forte.

Just sayin'

Erin Carroll
Moderator, SecurityFocus pen-test mailing list
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