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I'd like to know of any existing tools designed to test the WPA-PSK
security mode. I know it's more secure than wep with TKIP and so on
I wonder if there are any tools that are able to crack the WPA key
within a reasonable time limit - 2-3 hours? Any ideas and suggestions
WPA security will be appreciated.

I think it is unlikely that dictionary attacks will be effective
WPA/WPA2-PSK networks, as long as the passphrase is reasonable and not
dictionary word. That said, WPA/WPA2-PSK is not a suitable
authentication mechanism for enterprise networks. Since the PSK is
shared among all stations on the wireless network, every user with a
workstation that has the PSK could conceivably know the PSK and share
with anyone else. Further, a stolen device could disclose the PSK for
the network, compromising all later data exchanges.

Josh, since all you need is a copy of the PSK, couldn't you target the
corporation with a spearfishing attack with malware that gets the PSK
and then sends it to an anonymous drop site? If a laptop is stolen,
then there is a chance they may figure out that the PSK was compromised.
But with malware that terminates after uploading the PSK, there won't be
a trace, unless you can find it in the firewall logs or something.

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