RE: Wardriving with Yagi Antennas

Here is a link to the "ultimate war driver" although not used for that purpose this Amateur Radio mobile communications center is more than capable of getting a signal farther than 10 miles, a lot farther. Ham radio operators are not constrained to the "commercial power limits" in parts of the "WiFi" spectrum. I think the power limit may be 5 Watts ERP or perhaps 50.

All modes and licensees (except Novices) are authorized on the following bands [FCC Rules, Part 97.301(a)]:

2300-2310 MHz
2390-2450 MHz
3300-3500 MHz
5650-5925 MHz
10.0-10.5 GHz
24.0-24.25 GHz
47.0-47.2 GHz
75.5-81.0 GHz*
119.98-120.02 GHz
142-149 GHz
241-250 GHz
All above 300 GHz


For a brief history of wireless networking see (and web search it!) "This network was called the ALOHANET and is considered to be the world first wireless network."

Amateur radio experimenters have been instrumental in the development of many commonly used communications modes, wireless digital and networking in particular.

Check and for more information. get licensed!

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