Re: Wardriving with Yagi Antennas

On 10/20/07, Terry Cutler <jedi31337@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi guys hope your weekend is good so far. Does anyone have any
experience with teh Yagi Antenna booster ? They claim it can boost up
to 10 miles. Just wonder if anyone has used it while wardriving. Maybe
there's a better antenna you'd recommend ?

Yagi isn't a brand, it's a type of directional antenna. More here:

And as a directional antenna, it's not ideal for wardriving. An omni
(as in omnidirectional) antenna would probably work better.

With regard to the 10mi throw, I call baloney. First, it's not
possible with any antenna on the ground because of the curvature of
the Earth. Second, I've worked with DSSS RF long-range networks in
the past (both 915MHz and 2.4GHz) and the longest throw I've seen on
an unregistered towair[1] mast was 7 miles using yagis and amplifiers
on both ends. Using a similar setup, 10mi would be on the ragged edge
of reliable/usable for actual data networking.



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