Re: Lab OS Choices

It just so happens I just converted about 90% of everything I own to
rackmount and put it in a 42U cabinet, every geeks dream right?

What are good choices for getting the OS as close to metal as
possible? VMWare Workstation in Windows XP probably wouldn't be a
good choice, haha, but is VMWare server a good option? Last time I
looked at Xen it seemed that there were limitations as to what
versions of Linux you could run, I sure there is a work around though.
Does the new virtualization technology in processors make a
difference as to how close different virtualization solutions can get
to a bare metal equivilent?

Thanks for the great information.

- Pete

On 8/16/07, Pete Herzog <lists@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Peter Manis wrote:
As I have mentioned, I am buying some 2950s and I have gotten a few
recommendations from people for a CCNA lab, but as far as the PIX and
additional routers what should I work towards getting to have a good
lab? Nothing immediate, but the end result.

How about a rack ;) Not to hark on particular hardware/OS type stuff as
you hear from many so let me suggest you should consider having a means to
test "over the internet". This can be a dial-up shell account that you use
to test your network. You might laugh but some of the cleanest tests I have
ever seen have been done that way.

I also recommend a decent NAS to store your server ghosts or virtual
machines preferably at gigabit speeds.


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