Re: AES-256 encryption

Hi Kush,

Since AES is symmetric encryption algo, it shld not be
a problem to decrypt it using the correct key. I
suspect, the root cause maybe the following:

1) The AES algo used by the tool you used to encrypt
the file is not standard AES, some modification maybe
done to it. If it is standard AES using the standard
algo, logically it will not cause any problem.

2) Secret key generated by the tool itself to encrypt
the file has been modified to certain format such that
the file can only be decrypted by the same tool. If it
is pure secret key using publicly regconised format,
you should not encrounter the same problem.

3) Wrong key length.

4) Secret key cannot be found.

I suggest you provide more specific error generated
from the tool you use when you try to decrpyt..I think
that is more informative for us to help. Hope this
help. Thanks.

Boon Chin

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