Tools for pen test,

For the sake of completeness, every time I perform a penetration testing I
need to PING, NSLOOUKUP, TRACERT, etc. The problem is that tools like PING
only can accept single IP Address so every time I do a penetration testing
for multiple IPs, I need to execute the ping command manually and save all
the corresponding evidence. I knew tools like NMAP can perform ping for
multiple IP addresses with single command but I still wanted to use legacy
*Nix tools like ping, nslookup, etc.

I was wondering has anyone in here had a shell script that can execute tools
like ping, nslookup and pipe it into a file? Or knew a shell script that can
do this kind of job?

To give you an illustration, the shell script that I am looking for should
can perform this kind of job.

Program -> will ping (using *nix ping command from host ID - and save all the output into a file


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