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Hi there,

I just wanted to put this out there. How secure is VPN.
Meaning, if my users take home the client and install it on their
desktop at home, and connect to the corporate network and production
network, wheat are we really looking at. Are they secure or not.

Just given this decription, I would say NO, they are not secure.

Has anyone been through this. Any one give home users a list of
requirements that they must have before vpn can be offered to them ?

Should there be some type of desktop policy installed on their
home computer, just to protect the company network ? Any help and
guidance would be great

My recommendation would be to...

1. Require 2 factor authenticaiton for VPN access
2. Ensure that the VPN server/environment performs some type of system
validaiton prior to letting the system have full access to the internal
network. This typically includes verifying a patch level and that anti-virus
is installed and up-to-date
3. Use the VPN server to restirct where the VPN client can connect
4. Review the VPN server logs for who is accessign the server and from where

Just my $.02


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