Re: Sneaking a peek on Wlan in airports

I think the "I had a sniffer running by accident" claim is a little questionable too.
I have had sniffers running while I
walked around public placed but never by accident.

Jerry beat me to the punch here...

Many of us have prolly done this, and trust me ( haha ) it is not by accident.
A good story along these lines is one where I was doing as the OP. I was ARP
poisoning and sniffing, saw some IM traffic... Shoulder surfing showed the
woman next to me was on YahooIM. I casualy leaned over, and with a grin
asked if she was chatting to a friend on her company notebook. She acknowleged
that fact with a quizzical look... I then asked if she enjoyed tennis, as that was the
topic of her conversation. Totally weirded out looks!!! I then told her I was in
"computer security" and that she was lucky I was a nice guy. Great ice breaker!

btw: She was VP of a computer related Fortune 500 company.

it's really no wonder the worlds corporate networks are owned by blackhats and
subject to sniffing and extortion on a global level.


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