RE: Boot floppy

Thanks for the info. Backups are not done on a machine thats off our network. I can not access my admin privilages becasue the machine is not on a domain and is not simply locked with windows. Further , the admin account is disabled/missing; to be honest Im not shure how. I had hoped to do a quick reboot from a floppy because its fast.

We suspect that we have someone who is sending company job files to another company. If so this would make the second person doing such. One of our employes left this company to start another company and he had friends. We dare not point out any one without proof or fire anyone without knowing we the correct person; especially when this person has been with the company most of its existance. To get that proof I think the hardware key logger would be a good option to get the password ect then log in, but not any good for the longer term. Also, we are keeping a copy of all emails. The other option is to disclose our suspecions and have him turn in the computer the next time he comes into the office; which we will do if we must. Being a small company based on trust its the last option short of fireing wich the owner will not do without proof. Now you see the sensitive delima here. We do have every right and policy, but....

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