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On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 10:07:09AM -0500, Mifa wrote:
We have a user who takes a company computer home with them (no its not a lap top). We have a good reason to need to look at their files. However, we want to do so without that employ knowing. They seem to know something about security becasue auto runs is disabled and the workstation is always locked with a third party software. INserting a U3 drive will not run a program either. Are there any programs that will boot from a floppy then copy a program to the c drive then wite an auto start entry into the registry? This was the only way I can think of to get the user to install a program..

Any other ideas how we maight gain access? It has to be fast (bathroom breaks ect). I dont have time to load a live cd. Further, robooting would cause the user to loose work.

Restore a recent backup of his machine to a different host. You do
keep regular backups of all machines, right?


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