Re: Oracle Application Server 10g question


On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Lee Lawson wrote:

Hi all,

I am conducting a pen test of a web application built on Oracle
Application Server 10g. Aside from all of the problems that this
system has with XSS, especially within the SSO, I have a question
regarding a specific error message that is returned.

Hrm... You're testing an interesting and powerful beast, with plenty of dangerous vulnerabilities, beside the obvious XSS issues. I'd strongly suggest you to take a look at: (old but still interesting)

David Litchfield's Oracle Hacker's Handbook is also an excellent resource on this subject.

Yeah, i know this doesn't actually answer your original question, but hopefully it will help you to dig a bit more into exploitation of the PL/SQL gateway;)


Marco Ivaldi, OPST
Chief Security Officer Data Security Division
@ Srl

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