Re: "PenTest" a container file

Thor (Hammer of God) dijo:

modem. I mean, what kind of application development company using their own
encryption algorithm would hire someone to crack it who has to post to
PenTest for advice on what his first steps should be?

You will be surprised at the number of companies (even govt's) that do not do proper background checking of the companies they hire for security. Some companies/agencies just look at the money of the proposal and hire the cheapest guys around.

From my experience, some european companies that have to run audits every year (typically "summarised" to a pentest) and cannot repeat with the same company until X years go by [1] will sometimes contract some very lame company with good "presence" and no skills.



[1] Due to legitimate concerns of companies "getting comfortable" and not doing proper work the second time around.

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