Re: Virtual environments security

On Thu, Dec 28, 2006 at 10:56:35AM -0200, Michel Pereira wrote:
I saw a problem last week when I logged into a Guest OS hosted at a
Virtual Server. I installed ethereal and saw all the traffic that
goes to the entire server, no only my virtual server.
I wanna known if this is a configuration problem of a normal
behavior of every Virtual Machine environment (maybe Vmware has this
problem too)?

Using VMware:
This is because the guest hosts all share the same virtual network
device on the host. I had this problem when setting up some honeypots
using vmware. I solved the problem by making new vmware virtual network
devices and putting the guests on separate devices.

There is one problem with this approach that I haven't really had the
time to investigate --- the guest hosts in this system will not be able
to communicate with each other...

Luke Eckley

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