Re: LAN pen test


i see many people in these lists asking about "how to do this or that?" related to a pentest
i would like to remember that the position of pentester is a fulltime job (very technical), and so that there are sometimes things that you won't do as "perfectly" as a professionnal/expert, and that sometimes you will spend more time trying to do something or learning something (time and money consumming) than by calling a pentester to do the job for you...

btw i'm not a security professionnal


mifa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
I have gone through the eh course and I still do not feel like I can really understand how to pen test. None of the exploits or methods seem to work on a updated xp machine. I set up a vm ware network to practice on. I can not seem to make any progress because the information I have is outdated.

Can anyone point me to a resource that would help me gain access to an xp machine that is running automatic updates (my vm). I cant seem to do it one the lan any way other than to use a trojan and what would be to point of pen testing a system if the only way in is via trojan; thats standard seucrity, dont run programs from email, blah blah blah...

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