New release of snmpcheck


snmpchech 1.6 is released. Just some minor changes.
The new verison is available at

:: Introduction

snmpcheck is a free open source utility to get information via SNMP protocols.
It works fine against Windows, Linux, Cisco, HP-UX, SunOS systems and any devices with SNMP protocol support.
It could be useful for penetration testing or systems monitoring.
snmpcheck has been tested on GNU/Linux, *BSD and Windows (Cygwin) systems.
snmpcheck is distributed under GPL license and based on Athena-2k script by jshaw.

:: Features

snmpcheck supports the following enumerations:

* Contact
* Description
* Devices
* Domain
* Hardware and storage informations
* Hostname
* IIS statistics
* IP forwarding
* Listening UDP ports
* Location
* Motd
* Mountpoints
* Network interfaces
* Network services
* Processes
* Routing information
* Software components (Windows programs or RPMs etc.)
* System Uptime
* TCP connections
* Total Memory
* Uptime
* User accounts
* Web server informations (IIS)

:: Contact

Please send your feedback to: Matteo Cantoni <matteo.cantoni@xxxxxxxxxxx>.


Matteo Cantoni

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