Re: Small hardware network sniffer - does it exist? - yup

hi ya javier

Javier Reyna Padilla wrote:

Thats exactly what I was going to recommend.

1. buy a soekris box
2. install linux on it
3. put network interfaces in bridge mode --- use bridge modules in
kernel and bridge-utils
4. use iptables and ip-queue module
5.- install snort and run with -Q switch
6. send oll traffic from iptables to snort (snort-inline).
7. Cancel your social lief
8. buy a ton of coffe for reading all logs/capture
9. have fun! has all that installed and running,
but unfortunately or not, its a commercial product based on
wrap instead of soekris

c ya

FocusHacks wrote:

They have some pretty small machines that are essentially headless
486s that can run BSD or Linux, and many of them have
power-over-ethernet, multiple NICs, WiFi ability, etc.

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