Re: TLS implementation test

hi guys,

when i remove or add data application don't provide any alert, but
transfert is breaked. It'can be a problem, but at least, server is not

That"s better than nothing.


2006/10/21, Tim <tim-pentest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I have to test TLS implementation on our product. Ths goal is not to
> discover a threat in TLS but to find threat in our implementation.
> In my test I'll do :
> - MitM
> - Replay attack (I think it will not be possible because of TLS timestamps )
> - Dos
> - Sniffing (to check that all communications are encrypted)
> What other tests could be done ?

Well, there's always modification. If someone adds or removes encrypted
data, or modifies it in transit, will your implementation detect it?
This is particularly important when using stream cipher based

Also, does your implementation do perform correct client/server
certificate validation? It's a pretty complex process, and other major
implementations have had bugs in the past in this area.

good luck,

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