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Thah would be nice. 'Cos nowadays I'm trying to prepare a training for a big
GSM Operator. And I need examples to convince the top management about the

Good luck!

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Hello list;

I am currently doing research on Social Engineering Attacks. Unlike the
technical hack, I found that there is few useful and well documented SE
attack examples on the Internet. So I decided to create a data set for SE
attacks, and I am willing to publish it for free on the Internet.

However, I think only my own experience would not be able to make this
dataset as comprehensive as possible. So I would like to ask for help on
this list. If you think you have SE attack examples, you can email me.
Of course for confidential reason you should not use the real name in your
example. If you don't mind I will also publish your name along with the
example you provided. Thanks a lot in advance. I hope this could be a step
forwards in protecting against SE attacks.

Xun Dong
Research Associate
Department of Computer Science
University of York

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