Re: Informing Companies about security vulnerabilities...

On Oct 04, Joseph McCray wrote:
Usually when we do this we only find a few simple things (XXS for
example) - no big deal right. With this particular website we just kept
finding another, after another and on and on. Over 600 instances of XXS,
over 200 SQL Injection - this was bad. After a while it started to get
boring there was so many....

So I drafted a letter to the editor as well as several other prominent
people at the newspaper. It detailed my finding and recommended some
possible mitigation strategies. After emailing this I didn't hear
anything for a few days, so I emailed it again and followed up with a
phone call. After getting no response to the second email and then
having been bounced around from department to department when I called I
just said forget it.

You can try to set them an ultimatum pretending to disclose the holes
to the public. Perhaps they are more willing to react if they are forced
to do so.
Depending on the information you can get through the website (customer
data anywhere?) and the laws in your country (IANAL, btw.)
you may go to the intrigued publicity, indeed. They gotta have to do something if
someone defaced their website actually.

Andreas Putzo

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