Re: MAC address spoofing - conflict?

Morning Wood wrote:
What happens? Do you kick the other client off

use aireplay to deauth the original client

Yes, but once they had been deauthed they would almost undoubtedly try to reconnect, so that would in turn kick me off.... Wouldn't it?

In addition to this, if I'm conducting a pen test (or attempting to), I want to be as conspicuous as possible, and minimise my effects on the productivity of the company's employees, however temporary.

Pieter Danhieux wrote:
if you spoof the MAC, there are several options:
- you ask IP through DHCP -> dhcp server could refuse giving another IP if the MAC is still active. Depends on the implementation
- you set an IP -> if you choose the SAME ip, this will cause problems
-> if you choose another ip, you won't see any problems. All packets for the authorized client, are going to be discarded by your IP stack, and all your packets, by his IP stack.
Right. So it depends on whether a DHCP server is in place, and, if it is, how it is configured?

And if you choose another IP address (manually), it doesn't matter if you have the same MAC as the other client or not... Doesn't this depend on what type of hardware it is? I suppose it depends on what is being used to route the packets, as (if I'm not mistaken) some do this by MAC and others by internal (NATed) IP?

So, if you are both connected to a wireless router, and you have decided upon a static IP address different to the other client's (even though you have the same MAC address), the packets should not go to the wrong clients, and all should be as if your MAC address weren't the same as the other client's anyway?

Thank you :)


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