RE: What is being a pen tester really like?

Greetings, all!

I don't want to wade into the issue of charlatans, but I do have a pretty easy to understand analogy I use to compare pen tests and VA's.

Let's say I am a security guard at a shopping mall. My job is to make sure all the doors are locked as I make my rounds. If I walk up to a door that is unlocked and turn the handle but I don't enter, that's a VA. If I walk in, make sure no other alarms go off, and leave a note on a desk that tells the owner that they left their door unlocked, that's a pen test.

My customers usually understand it when I move it to a physical security scenerio.

As always, YMMV!


arian.evans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8/1/2006 2:57:57 PM >>>

I struggle regularly to explain the difference between
a "vulnerability assessment" and a pen test, due to the
fact that too many folks pimp pen test offerings that
are just automated VA with a personal touch, like Paul
described. That, however, is the problem, not the answer.

It is not pen-testing if there is no penetration.

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