Re: Valid/sufficient identification mechanisms/credentials for personal data collection.

Social engineering is just that: social. What stops most people is their
personal level of morals. Lying, by our upbringings, is bad. Therefore,
many people don't go to any great lengths beyond "white lies" or small
deceptions. The consequences of being caught keep most people from ever
truly attempting social engineering for any particular gain.

But yes, once you try it, it is very successful. In a capitalist,
working, largely christian society, not helping people is a black mark.

Serg B. wrote:
I am not sure if this is a suitable topic for this list but it is
certainly within the scope.

This article is not related to IT as such, but has a lot to do with
social engineering and identity theft. I suppose this is an iffy area
of IT since the Internet has not only enabled perpetrators to realise
much greater returns on their crimes but has became an indispensable
tool in every arsenal.

Since I read The Art of Deception few years ago I started to notice
real life situations where an individual could easily get away with
almost anything (theft, scams, etc.) by carefully choosing their words
and people they talk to. When I first read the book I thought it
didn't look like any of this could be possible. It was certainly
fascinating to read but not possible, not for me any way. As I worked
through my young grasshopper IT career days I became more and more
exposed to the security side of the industry that in turn made it
possible for me to observe some of these tricks, or at least attempts
to do so, first hand. Soon after I realised that things are even
simpler then an average case study in the book. Especially if you are
an insider, you have access to everything and anything. As long as you
are confident and don't mind lying like there is no tomorrow the world
is yours.


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