Re: sniffing plaintext protocols

On Monday 31 July 2006 21:38, Dotzero wrote:
On 7/31/06, Shreyas Zare <shreyasonline@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Its possible if and only if you lie on the same
network. The network may be private/internet. You must
be connected to the same pipe.

Simply not a true statement. I'll give one example as an illustration.

User A at IP address connects to a remote host
using telnet by entering "telnet" from a command prompt which
would normally connect to (using RFC 1918 addresses rather
than real ones).

Evil person B has access to a router that is in the path between user
A and the telnet server for Evil person B sets up a span port
and sniffs traffic to his hearts content....including the telnet
session. Note that evil person B is not on the same network segment as
either of the endpoints. Obviously, this is a simplified and contrived
example that ignores asymetric routing, etc.
From a security point of view it is a fundamental question whether such a
scenario is technically possible or not.
If so, how do I have to assess such a risk, how can I check that at a
penetration test and how about the mitigation.

I am looking forward to discussing it.

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