Re: Walmart using WEP

Yes, this forum is for professionals to learn and share. As a matter of
fact, many of us actually learn from the mistakes of others. I don't see
anyone here advocating wardriving for the purpose of mischief. I see a
couple of people talking about how irresponsible some commercial entities
are in deploying their wireless architectures, and one individual that was
going to drive around and see if his theory held water.

I had a chuckle when I read that "...war driving should be confined to
legally permitted isolated networks...". Wardriving doesn't lend itself to
your suggestion by its very definition:

Don't apologize for not being impressed. Most of us dressed-down for the
list today.

PS - Trim your posts please.

From: "Angelacci, Anna M CTR SPAWAR, J616" <anna.angelacci@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 09:11:01 -0400
To: terry <tvernon24@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Conversation: Walmart using WEP
Subject: RE: Walmart using WEP

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This thread makes me question the quality of a small portion of
the group of participants. Please ask yourself this, "Isn't this forum
for IA professionals to learn and share ideas? If so do I belong here?"
War driving should be confined to legally permitted isolated networks,
not illegal local commercial vendors. I apologize for not being

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