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I must say that I am a little confused on what he means by 'streamed
together'. It is stated that encryption was not used nor was it
password protected (trivial anyway) so it sounds to me like security
through obsecurity or an attempt to throw some random words out to
confuse people in thinking that 'streaming' is a security measure. I
know that there are many instances where there is a lot of data moving
in a direction and is being streamed to that system (example:
streaming feeds from a multimedia source or streaming transactions
to/from a database). Even in those instances I don't see how that
would protect the information. If it is not encrypted then I don't see
how the information can remain confidential.

The MSNBC article references two disclosures, Equifax and ING. The statement about not being 'password protected or encrypted' refers to the latter and 'streamed together' refers to the former. Perhaps 'streamed together' means Steganos?


On 6/26/06, Eric Pinkerton <EPinkerton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"It would be very difficult to link this information and determine they
were actual Social Security numbers in the first place," he said.

Yeah unless the perpatrator uses said laptop to read the news!

"The laptop was not password-protected and the data was not encrypted,
officials have said."

So my guess is that this is positive spin to save the company

For "almost impossible" read "possible"

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"Employee names and partial and full Social Security numbers were on the
computer's hard drive, though Rubinger said it would be almost
impossible for the thief to decipher the information because it was
streamed together."

It could be a network sniffer capture or data stream capture they are
referring to. Replication traffic and incremental logs throw the data
together in sequential order so multiple elements are streamed together,
it's pretty damn hard to decipher. That's my guess.

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From: killy [mailto:killfactory@xxxxxxxxx]
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To: Pen-Tests
Subject: Streamed Data

Hi everyone,

refers to a laptop being stolen and that the data was unreadable because
it was streamed together.

What are the refering to when they say streamed together?
Any links would be helpful.

Then, how do we test such a feature? any tools?

Thanks - killy

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