Re: firewall auditing/testing

On 6/13/06, Rocky <pixscreenpoint@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm new to the list and been reading your email archives but
i have my own question how to test your firewall if its really secured.

Our IT director is really paranoid and he's not confident if our
current firewall security is really secured.

I already presented a NMAP/Nessus audit logs and i even
show to him the activity logs of our ACL that deny/drops
everything from the internet and permit only the basic applications.

Is there any other tools that can penetrate/test the firewall vulnerability?


The configuration of the firewall is probably the trickiest part.
Firewall Analyzer by Algorithmic Security is good for checking Pix and
FW-1 rules (disclaimer, I have a vested interest in Algolsec.)
Otherwise, probably the best thing to do is to schedule an audit by
someone who knows your particular firewall product's configuration
nuances. Firewall holes can be specific enough that blind testing
won't catch them, so it's important to audit the entire configuration
for reasonable levels of assurance.


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