Re: Publishing Findings on Commercial Applications

Why would you want to make this information public? Self promotion maybe?

Over the past year I have found vulnerabilities in several commercial
products in the routing, switching, voip, and wireless space. I did
not post my findings to the world I sent my testing notes to the vendors
to fix their problems. I have found that road the best to travel with
the vendors and my customers.

If you found security issues relating to the application that you were
testing tell the vendor. If the vulnerabilities were related to
customer configuration issues than write a white paper outlining best
practices for the application, you will get more traction.


On 6/13/06, Jezebel Ali <jezebel_ali@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have question: If I performing Penetration Test on customer site
and this customer has a commercial application which is not
publicly available for download or purchase, do I have a right to
publish finding of this application to the public without
mentioning customer name?

This application widely used by banking and financial industry and
not always available to anyone for testing.

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