RE: [Packet-ninjas-syn-k1ck] Anyone know CENZIC?

Yeah I know about those guys.

I would have to say out of all the companies I have talked with in the
last 5 years CENZIC has to by far be the rudest bunch of people I have
ever dealt with.

I don't know anyone that has used them for a pentest, but from the brief
experience I have had with them over the phone they don't deserve my
business, nor the business of any of my friends.

I have yet to meet one of their pentesters at any conferences in the
last 3 or 4 years or met any of their pentesters on any chat rooms or
mailing lists.

About all I know is they are insulting, arrogant, and somehow believe
they can cold call everyone and their mom that posts to any security
mailing list on the net.

On a lighter note they do have a cool sql injection tool that I believe
was written by Greg Hogland.
All in all if your looking for a good pentest company I can recommend
the following people.

- sensepost.
- sm4rt. - you won't find too much on their
site but if you look around the net these guys contribute a great deal
to the community. (eg. Check out

I cannot however recommend cenzic purely by the way they treat potential

-Daniel Clemens

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Cold call today from CENZIC. Claim to be a Penetration Testing company
and web application security testing company.

Anyone heard of them or have experience with them?


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