Re: Legality of blue tooth hacking

Le mercredi 15 mars 2006 à 13:48 +0000, mht3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
At a recent Cisco security product meeting, I observed a security
practice director outside snarfing phone numbers and addresses from
the various people who were attending the meeting. He got up and
presented the information saying there was no law preventing him from
snarfing information. I seem to recall attending a conference a while
back where the laws regarding this type of blue tooth snarfing was

In France, law says breaking (or trying to) into an "automated
information processing system" is illegal without owner consent. In this
case, the phone is clearly an "automated information processing system"
and this guy is stealing informations without user consent. It's as well
illegal to enter and/or maintain into such a system without owner
content, and so is dowloading and/or altering data. Not speaking of the
fact we're speaking of personal data, that can raise special legal
aspects in some situations. So, from many aspects, it's illegal. Period.

From a more technical point of vue, bluesnarfing[1][2] relies on
exploiting improper OBEX implementations, what basicly is called
exploiting a flaw. Thus, if this would be legal, then exploiting any
random flaw would be as well !?

I don't even see how the illegality of bluesnarfing could be


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