Re: Penetration test of 1 IP address

If asking only for a webserver-asessment, dan's posting is the best i
saw until now.

Clemens, Dan wrote:

Its not about using the right tools, its about asking the right

You could use a whole sleth of tools on some server, but if your using
the wrong tools for the wrong problem you won't get anything back and
you will in turn give your client the wrong impression of security when
you told them you haven't found anything.

Roelof Temmingh from Sensepost once told me about penetration-testing:
"To understand the process we need to have done it many times. If you
cannot write the process down on paper you probably don’t understand it
I like the this statement.

Roelof wrote it down and made nice diagrams about the steps:
Footprinting - Fingerprinting - Targeting - Vulnerability discovery -
Penetration Testing.

Having a look at his presentation on is worth it (you'll
have to register, but its free). While I personally find that the
mentioned tool does it's work usually slower and less accurate than i
do, i think the the flowchart on page 22 represents almost every
detailled step of a pentest. (I even did a second version of this chart
for myself to cover plain webapplication testing.)

You might find, that its useful to do some foot- and fingerprinting to
be able to ask the right questions afterwards. The mentioned
presentation is a great primer.


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