Re: DoS problem.


On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 16:01:30 -0200
Jorge Alfredo Garcia <frederix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have two dedicated servers, both hosted by the same provider and
> both on the same segmnet.
> I am under a denial of services attack but idont know exactaly how to
> stop it. Here is a piece of my netstat output:
> tcp 0 1 XX.XX.XX.AA:47561 XX.XX.XX.BB:80
> Ok, XX.XX.XX.AA is the server i am in now.
> XX.XX.XX.BB is mine two and here are the connections:
> tcp 0 0 XX.XX.XX.BB:80 XX.XX.XX.AA:50749

So you are seeing thousands of HTTP requests going from server AA to BB.
If you are not seeing any SynAc or data traffic, your server AA has an
open/listening socket, but does not answer, thus BB is re-trying hard.

Some protocols (e.g. XML-RPC) are using http-like connections (via
tcp/80), so you might see your very own back-office application running
wild, trying to connect to an HTTP-based application on AA.

So maybe you might want to stop server BB and then look into re-starting
AA to give AA a change for clean startup before putting a load onto it.




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