Re: network printers

We are wrestling with some of the same printer issues where I now work.

NIST has a STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) for
peripheral devices, but it is very general [due to the variety of
devices it addresses]. See section 5; as expected, most of it common

In the list of vendor-supplied checklists at NIST there is a link to a
HP-supplied checklist for one of its printer products. Although this
guide is a for a "full-featured" product, portions are applicable to
may HP models


--- Justin <justinvinn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Mark,
> I have found that pft from is quite helpful
> when performing audits on printers.
> Unfortunatly, I have yet to see a guide to securing printers,
> although
> FX's chapter in _Stealing The Network: How to 0wn_ the box, was quite
> infomative on the subject of attacking a networked printer (BTW, his
> chapter was "h3X's adventures in networkland").
> Compromising a printer can yeild some useful results, especially if
> its an HP printer with Java installed. Also, you may have gained some
> admin passwords to try.
> And on a somewhat childish side note, if you telnet to port 9100 on a
> printer, type a few lines and then kill the connection via ^], the
> printer will print out what you typed, although it will be
> unformatted.
> Hope some of that helped.
> -- Justin
> On 12/10/05, Mark Brunner <mark_brunner@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Haven't looked at printers in a while.
> > Are there any best practices hardening and audit docs for printers?
> >

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