Re: AD password Auditing

From: Joey Peloquin (
Date: 08/07/05

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    Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 15:53:37 -0500
    To: "Rochford, Paul" <>

    Rochford, Paul wrote:

    >You used to get the SAM file off a running server by running rdisk /s-,
    >it will make a copy on the existing one. It's the copy of the SAM you
    >retrieve. Also not sure AD stores credentials in the same way as Classic
    >NT Domains, so you may be looking in the wrong place. Someone I'm sure
    >can verify this.
    >Kind Regards,
    >Paul Rochford
    Good point, Paul. Won't grabbing a copy of the DC's SAM just provide
    its local accounts?

    Active Directory stores user accounts and other information in its
    database file, NTDS.dit. This file can grow HUGE, so even if you can
    get it without being spotted and cut-off by the client, it could take a
    while. I've done a few google queries, and only read of capturing
    ntds.dit through physical access. On top of that, according to a post
    by an "MVP", as of Dec. '03, there was no _known_ tools to crack the db

    According to the same post, however, you can use pwdump3 to inject the
    LSASS process, and export a crackable hash. I believe you have to be a
    local Admin on the DC as well.

    Good luck.


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