Re: What are some good sources to keep me up top :) ?

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Date: 08/07/05

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    I always read the new 2600 when it comes out and phrack... Always an article
    or two worth reading :)

    But what would be some good irc channels to stay in?

    I usually stick around the channels that are related with my distro..

    anything else? (maybe #apache too)


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    I would suggest joining your local 2600 group, most are quite open and
    totally fine with white/black/grey hats in their group. There's a
    2600 magazine, you've probably visited their website at some point or
    other, espcially during the 'Free Kevin' days (,
    which you can subscribe to, or you can meet with varying degress of
    success trying to find it in a local newsagent (I'm only aware of one
    stockist in the whole of London). If 'sleeping with the enemy', so to
    speak, is a problem for you, just think of it as an exercise in
    counter-espionage operations. Or something.

    I really want to suggest Phrack, but the last issue
    ( indicates
    it has something of an uncertain future - and you've probably either
    a) heard of it before
    b) heard of it before and are now feeling almost insulted that I'd
    dare to presume that you might not have.
    Apologies in either case.

    Also, terrible chore though it is, do take a look at various
    IRC/USENET communities, which, once you've sifted through the noise,
    can contain the occasional gem, and a few pleasant souls who'll be
    happy to help you out with particular tricky issue which is becoming a
    puzzle inside an enigma wrapped in a firewall. Much like this list,
    in fact ;-)

    These sources are often over-looked, but worth taking a look at -
    especially the 2600 groups.

    One last thing I can think of is SC Magazine (
    - I've been getting it delivered free for years - although much of it
    seems to target the people who close the sales and pull the
    purse-strings, rather than the people who open the holes and push the
    If you're pitching for some security work, you'll find a handfull of
    anecdotes and stats you can quote in your presentation, but there'll
    be little in the way of technical detail.
    It'll keep you up to date on new product offerings by way of reviews
    which seem to have been written by somebody who's dying to get in to
    the ones and zeroes of the whole thing, but knows that the editor will
    cut five paragraphs and inflict some severe physical punishment on
    For technical folk, there's usually at least one interesting article
    or interview with somebody. It's not solely a pen-test mag, however,
    as it also covers the broad range of 'security' including antivirus,
    firewalling, VPN, IDS, forensic investigation and various market
    research stats, usually showing us all how much money the average CIO
    thinks they'll be spending on security next quarter.

    Hope this helps,

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