RE: Lotus Domino crack http hash tools

From: Miguel Dilaj (
Date: 08/04/05

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    Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 09:07:18 +0100

    Hi all,

    Lepton's Crack (the main branch) also compiles on Cygwin on Windows, and we
    put some pre-compiled binaries for people not afraid of virus/trojans.
    Piero Brunati produced a slightly different branch
    ( that it's supposed to compile cleanly on
    Both versions support the old R4 Domino hash, the only difference is that
    Piero's support LM, whilst the main one has better support for REGEX and
    non-printable characters (one of these centuries I'm supposed to merge both
    versions, but don't expect that this morning ;-)


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    Hi Mark,

    There are several different crackers for Lotus Domino, remember you have
    hashes and also id files. Some of the tools you can google for are:
            - Lodowep (java based for remote password checks)
            - Lepton's Crack or lcrack (for Linux)
            - Lotus Notes Key from or inkey.exe (for id
            - ID Password Recovery or ipr.exe (id files)
            - DominoHunter or (is a perl script)
            - and Domino Hash Breaker or dhb.exe (which you already have)

    This should give you a good start.


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