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Date: 07/22/05

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    In my experience, there are very few windows desktops locked down to the
    extent that you can't embed a 'package' in an office document, when the
    package refers to "cmd.exe", with any necessary paths etc.
    Asusming you've got Office installed, give it a try.

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    This will work only if command prompt access is granted - guess clicking on
    Control Panel/Add-Remove Application icon would be easier in case of
    legitimate application ;-)

    In case of remote test the most simple solution would be nmap's -A switch or
    some other application fingerprinting tool. You can try also do some fuzzing
    and see if you'll get any response. Secondly - because this is Windows
    system - you might try to enumerate remotely running services or access
    system/application logs remotely (considering you have credential or there
    are no restriction on NULL session and ports 135-139 are not filtered.)

    Best Regards,
    Aleksander Czarnowski

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    > A simple Fport should tell you what it is...
    > m&subcontent=/resources/proddesc/fport.htm
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    > Hello,
    > During a recent pen-test, I discovered that port 80 is opened by
    > an unknown application on multiple client workstations (WinXP).
    > No web server appears to be running or installed - I've tested a
    > few things, but I'm curious what the list thinks is the best
    > next-step to take.
    > Thanks,
    > Golden Earring

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