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Date: 07/13/05

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    No such standard exists, and if it did, it shouldn't. We also have
    clients that request such a thing but we do not give them anything like
    it because it is utterly useless (change 1 bit or discover 1 new vuln
    and any statement has become BS) and potentially a liability for the
    issuing party. Instead we try to educate the client on why it is useless
    and what they should do in stead (such as do a real audit and get an
    audit report or SAS70 report or TPA).



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    any of you know if any 'standards' or accepted guidelines exist for a
    letter or certification of succesfull resistance to Penetration
    Testing/Vulnerability Assessment.
    Customers often
    demand to have a proof delivered by their Penetration Test service
    provider to show to their partners and customers.

    The idea of course is not to disclose sensitive information but to
    briefly describe the environment tested and how - according to which
    methodologies and the attack vectors tested for.

    Thanks in advance

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