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Date: 07/02/05

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    Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 17:52:49 -0700
    To: Guillaume Vissian <>

    This is mostly a question of curiosity. For the option of using a
    proxy would it be possible to SSH to the proxy then generate a new SSH
    from the proxy to the PC your getting into, and have the proxy log all
    info that way? It may not be doable for all situations because I
    figure you'd need to setup a hardend proxy on the network for that,
    but as I said, I'm mainly curious if that would work.

    On 7/1/05, Guillaume Vissian <> wrote:
    > The proxy will not see everything, if the connection is encrypted with SSL,
    > or for some other connection like ssh , and more : ssh tunneling the user
    > will make the proxy logs unusable...
    > G.
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    > Objet: Re: Keystroke logging
    > Instead of a Keystroke logger, setup a proxy for your pen-test systems to
    > use
    > on their outbound connection to the target. Then have the proxy log
    > everything
    > and although you may not have all the mouse clicks and commands typed, you
    > will have a log of the traffic to and from the target network. To me that is
    > infinitely
    > more valuable. But that's just me.
    > Good Luck,
    > Kurt Keys
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    > >>> "JB" <> 6/30/2005 12:36:24 PM >>>
    > I'm wondering if anyone has either a kernel level keystroke logger for the
    > Linux 2.6, or a userspace keystroke logger for Linux. As part of our
    > penetration testing, we are required to give the client a log of all
    > actions performed - so this would be a good way of logging all linux
    > commands. Also - if you know of the same sort of tool for windows - that
    > would also be appreciated.
    > -J

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