RE: extracting passwords from ethereal dump

From: Steve A (
Date: 06/21/05

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    Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 00:49:08 +0100


    TCPFlow ( will
    extract the various connections between systems based upon their IP
    address and the port they use. It is not a finished product but I have
    never had any problems with it. I like the output as it places data in
    folders based upon the connection IP addresses and direction eg : x-> y
    is different from y -> x. If you know the server IP address you should
    be able to parse the dump file for connections to that and then look in
    the first few packets in each folder for the initial authentication.

    Now I may be grasping at straws here but . . . I believe LoftCrack (or
    LC4 / LC5) has the ability to sniff the authentication from a live
    connection. You could try this in conjunction with snort to replay the

    Steve A


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    From: Mohamed Abdel Kader []
    Sent: 20 June 2005 17:15
    Subject: extracting passwords from ethereal dump

    I was on a assessment and decided to get some of the traffic moving
    along the network. i got it using ethereal. now i want a program (other
    than ettercap) that can take this dump and extract the passwords. It
    would be helpful if the program can tell me the source and destination
    as well as the protocol in use for each detected password.

    thanks in advance pen-testers :o)

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