RE: generating a network map

From: Todd Towles (
Date: 06/20/05

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    Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 12:43:11 -0500
    To: "Johan Petersson" <>, "Talha" <>

    You could use Etherape with a network discovery tool like Nmap. Etherape
    will record the hosts visually via the generated traffic generated by
    Nmap, but the topology won't be correct I don't think. Etherape will
    detected chatty nodes between each other, but all the nodes discovered
    via the Nmap traffic will just make a star map - but I could be wrong.
    Worth a try...


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    > From: Johan Petersson []
    > Sent: Monday, June 20, 2005 4:36 AM
    > To: Talha
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    > Subject: Re: generating a network map
    > Hi there,
    > I am writing a tool to analyze data from large amounts of
    > nmap logfiles.
    > This started off as a couple of /bin/sh scripts and small
    > C-programs.....
    > I am using a rather beta version of that stuff myself as we
    > speak. One feature I have been playing around with is to
    > reprecent cnodes as structs in my C-source code - then each
    > IP in the network is represented by a pointer to the relevant
    > text-logfile from nmap - allowing for easy analysis from the
    > C-program....
    > Let me know if you want to discuss more about this...
    > //Johan
    > On 6/18/05, Talha <> wrote:
    > > Hello there,
    > > I am looking for a software that can generate or
    > reconstruct a network
    > > topology from raw data obtained from live network capturing
    > or offline
    > > tcpdump capture files.
    > >
    > > Also if theres any utility (preferably open source) than
    > can generate
    > > a network map from nmap logs.
    > >
    > > any help will be highly appreciated
    > >
    > >
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