Re: Fingerprinting Firewall

From: Demetrio Carrión (
Date: 05/06/05

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    Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 16:19:38 -0300


    I think of a particular case where you are able to sniff layer two
    traffic in the firewall segment and this firewall is an
    appliance-based one.

    Would it possible to discover the firewall vendor by correlating the
    firewall MAC layer address and the OUI, then someone could narrow the
    firewall to a specific vendor and possible versions?

    Just guessing.


    Demetrio Carrion
    IT Security Consultant

    On 4/8/05, Byron L. Sonne <> wrote:
    > > We all know that, we can identify firewall using various methods and tools like "firewalk".
    > > Is there any method or tool available which will remotely fingerprint and enumerate rule
    > > base configured on the firewall?
    > Well, more accurately put firewalk does not identify firewalls as much
    > as it enumerates what kind of traffic will be passed as well as allowing
    > you to figure out ACLs in use.
    > Generally speaking I don't think you'll be able to come up with
    > something along the lines of nmap that will allow you to determine what
    > kind of firewall is in place. Certainly not reliably for all firewalls
    > and in all situations; there's just to much variability in how rules can
    > be configured or traffic scrubbed.
    > What I do think is possible is the creation of a tool that will narrow
    > the field down to a group of firewalls.
    > However, I suppose that for peculiar situations, either from grievous
    > design error or peculiar configurations, certain firewalls might stick
    > out like a sore thumb. But my suspicions are that would be rare.

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