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From: Ravish (
Date: 03/10/05

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    Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 23:01:02 +0530


    This also depends upon the directory path where the script is being
    executed. You could try adjusting ../ according to the path of your
    script or can also try


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    Subject: PHP Directory Transversal


    Working on a Web app testing...I have found that the uses the
    method of including files requested by php parameters:
    (htm files are in /templates dir)

    A the page in the parameter is requested statically, I did a and I got that page source


    Therefore, I tried doing a
    but I get an error saying that file doesn't exist.

    I user the same source code in my server, and I could retrieve the
    file...what can be happening? I don't think it is under a chroot jail...

    I'm working with Apache 2.0.48 and PHP 4.3.4
    and the real server has Apache 2.0.52 an PHP 4.3.9....

    Thanks in advance,

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