Re: UNIX/Windows audit scripts

From: Jeffrey Denton (
Date: 03/04/05

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    Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 12:51:43 -0700

    On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 10:11:20 +0100, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino
    <> wrote:
    > After developing my own I have been able to find only a few similar
    > scripts out there. Marc Heuse's set of audit scripts [2] and Seán
    > Boran's UNIX/Linux local audit tool [3]. Has anyone written / used
    > similar scripts?

    I've been modifying Marc's scripts for years.

    I hard coded the paths for the commands to those found on Slackware.
    ETC_LIST only lists Slackware's configuration files. It would miss
    the init scripts of a SysV style distro. It would take a few
    modifications to work with other distros.

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